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Personalized Personal Branding with Keli Lenfield E025

Personalized Personal Branding

From The Capital Of The Digital World…

The Digital Wealth Digest Presents...

Former ELITE Model Now Image Consultant Aussie Keli Lenfield…

Personalized Personal Branding

Personalized Personal Branding with Keli Lenfield

Personalized Personal Branding with Keli Lenfield


She has been called many things during her 40 plus years, but her favourite nick name is “viking”.Born to an Estonian father and a Danish mother, Keli spent the first part of her life in Canberra, Australia.

Personalized Personal Branding

Here she mixed with a wide range of people from financiers, to politicians, dancers, marketers, entrepreneurs, models and lobbyists.

Get Ready To Be Inspired By What Keli is doing online and what she’s doing to help others create Digital Wealth.

Finishing school early, she worked six jobs and moved herself to Paris at the age of 19, just because she wanted to speak french. After being accepted into the Sorbonne University, Keli was spotted by a photographer and took up modelling for another couple of years, travelling the world and learning to play as hard as she worked.
It was during this time that 7 key skills began to shape her future. At 22, her career was over and the entrepreneur fire was lit. She registered “Inner Image”, completed her workplace assessment and training qualifications and was intent on creating, accrediting and delivering a unique course in the personal development space to the long term unemployed and early school leavers.
Whether it was the red tape, her impatience or a combination of both, the course was never accredited and so Keli went back to doing what she did best – everything! Over the next 10 years she excelled in sales, marketing, branding, administration, event management and hospitality.

Personalized Personal Branding
The one thing she didn’t excel in was herself. As a six foot one blond ex-model she was always invited in but never taken seriously and her ideas were either quashed or stolen. Add to this a bad habit of loving abusive men and marrying a souless multi millionaire and she was back where she started. The marriage lasted for 6 months, the divorce lasted for 2 years and if it wasn’t for a brief encounter which resulted in her son being born, Keli knows she would not be here today.
With renewed focus, some serious priorities and the choice to be a single mother, Keli began to write. Her viking ancestory gave her strength and she began to educate herself again.
Fast forward to today and she is a published author, an internationally accredited Achievement coach, a course developer, magazine contributor, speaker, workshop facilitator, volunteer and is the founder of Model Alliance Australia. The accredited course is back in the system and her workshops are being delivered in schools and the corporate environment with a simple message of collaboration and the wish to share the 7 key skills that come from over 20 years experience in the most competitive industry on the planet.

In a surprise career move, Keli was cast alongside her real life five year old son Tallin in the hotly anticipated animated–meets-reality film, THE EYES OF OLD TEXAS, due for film festivals in 2017.

Personalized Personal Branding
Her tagline “Be the Difference to make a Difference” motivates her to be a walking and talking example to all that teach and inspire her.
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Personalized Personal Branding

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Personalized Personal Branding

LifeStyle Entrepreneur Bailey Richert On The Digital Wealth Digest 008

Digital Wealth Creator Bailey Richert Talks Infopreneurship

Bailey Richert Lifestyle Entrepreneur Shares Her Knowledge On Infopreneurship…

Get Up Close And Personal With Bailey As She Educates Us on Living An Online Lifestyle.

Bailey Richert On The Digital Wealth Digest

Bailey Richert On The Digital Wealth Digest

Bailey Richert is a lifestyle entrepreneur and coach, author, and speaker who believes that every human being has a right to live their life on their terms. A former environmental engineering consultant, Bailey left the 9-to-5 grind in pursuit of her dream lifestyle: one filled with more travel, adventure and fun!

After enrolling at MIT to study entrepreneurship, Bailey successfully launched her first online business writing travel books and teaching travel classes, an endeavor which taught her how to perfect the art of location independent enterprise and online marketing.

Today, Bailey shares this expertise with others by teaching “infopreneurship”: creating digital products based on your own life experience and knowledge which can be marketed and sold entirely online, allowing you to design your lifestyle the way you truly want to live.

For Bailey, that includes traveling the world, pursuing her many life goals, and advocating for sustainable tourism.

Bailey Richert
Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Coach | Author | Speaker