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Obama Weaponizes Comedy While Ramzy Sweis Privatizes World Peace 011

Comedian Ramzy Sweis & The Weaponizing of Comedy.

He’s had a frivolous 31 years. Worked construction; studied Arabic; Has been on a screenplay contest panel; and a pantry-cook in college.

Ramzy Sweis On The Digital Wealth Digest

Ramzy Sweis On The Digital Wealth Digest

Get Up Close & Personal With Ramzy as he takes on world peace single handedly.

Hear all about Ramzy’s journey & experiences as this Digital Wealth Creator takes center stage Friday 12/11/2015

He studied at 6 alternate universities. A trained boxer. His script, You Can’t See God, won awards from Chicago Screenwriter’s Network (whom he worked for) to Tribeca. He directed, starred & edited biopic on tinnitus, an original + sequel film on an autistic comedian & a biopic on hemorrhoids. He is currently shooting a stand-up comedy reality show: “I Never Repeat A Joke” with 83 episodes at 53 locations. At 19, he submitted a novella, Joy, Faith, Hope, June & Grace, to Vanity Press (received rave reviews by its’ readers). He penned Abe’s Song (known to be intimate with Will Herndon. He went a stretch further imagining Will is black.) 2 sequels – Dule Bay /Future of the Vagrants – about hannibals then the industrial revolution at a time when the world was still 1 continent. Also Men Vs Women: The Beginning / Tease Me Angry about how Adam & Eve were black & our rulers in the modern day.

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